TV Directorial Debut For Henry Ian Cusick

Congratulations to Henry Ian Cusick, who recently had his TV directorial debut on The 100!

Ian has been a regular cast member on the CW show since it’s beginning and now currently in it’s 4th season.

He directed episode 11 of season 4, titled ‘The Other Side’ which aired May 10, 2017.

With heartfelt gratitude Ian sends a huge thank you to executive producer Jason Rothenberg, writers Julie and Shawna Benson, and all the cast and crew of The 100!

Here in this post, is a collection of interviews…. press reviews/recaps of The Other Side…. and BTS photos from the set.

We hope you were able to watch it but if you haven’t seen it yet, The Other Side is available for online viewing now at The CW website:

Reviews and Recaps:

The 100 Review: The Other Side (Season 4 Episode 11)

“Written by Shawna and Julie Benson and directed by Henry Ian Cusick The 100 Season 4 Episode 11 “The Other Side” is filled with moving character moments from top to bottom as our characters make crucial choices when faced with the ever nearing apocalypse.”

By Samantha Coley,


The 100 Recap 4×11: The Not So Easy Choice To Live

“Life and death both come with pros and cons…”

By Alanna Martinez,


“The 100 season 4, episode 11 review: Earth Day”

“The episode also marked the directing debut of Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Kane. Not only was it a rousing success as far as directing debuts go, but I found it a particular stroke of brilliance to have this very character-heavy episode directed by someone going from acting to directing: Cusick is an actor’s director by virtue of being an actor himself, and was thus able to bring out the emotional truths of the incredibly intense, heart-wrenching scenes in Arkadia and on Science Island.”

By Selina Wilken,


The 100: “The Other Side” Review

“this week’s The 100 sure managed to pack in a ton of impactful, emotional moments – all under the deft direction of The 100 cast member Henry Ian Cusick!”

By Eric Goldman,


The 100 Recap Season 4, Episode 11 Recap: “The Other Side”

“This was a genuinely stunning episode, filled with real, visceral moments of characters grappling with their own will to survive.”

By Sarah Caldwell,


“The 100 Season 4: Episode 11, Bellamy The Savior of Mankind, Our Critic”

“In short, it was a well orchestrated and very moving episode. The struggle for life has never been stronger……”

By SiverTime,


The 100 Recap: ‘The Other Side’

“All of season 4 (and honestly most of The 100) boils down to this; who lives and who dies…..”

By Dalene Rovenstine,


The 100 Season 4, Episode 11 Review: ‘The Other Side’

“The 100 is always at it’s best when it merges an intense pace with heartbreaking decisions….”

By Della Harrington,



By Eric Goldman,

“The 100: Henry Ian Cusick On Directing This Week’s Episode And The Reaction to Clarke’s Shocking Choice”  


By Carla Day,

“The 100 Interview: Henry Ian Cusick On Consequences of Clarke’s Decision” 


By Jolie Lash,

“Henry Ian Cusick on Directing The 100”


Photos: Director Cusick at work on the set:



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