Dress is a Winner at USA Film Festival

USAFF List of Winners This year’s Award-winning Short Films include: FIRST PLACE / FICTION One Armed Man, Tim Guinee, director FIRST PLACE / ANIMATION Confusion Through Sand, Danny Madden, director FIRST PLACE / NON-FICTION Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution, Matthew VanDyke, director First Place Winners in the Fiction, Animation and Non-Fiction categories that meet Academy eligibility requirements qualify for consideration from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. For more information on Rules & Eligibility for the Academy Awards, please visit www.oscars.org/rules THE STUDENT AWARD Samnang, Asaph Polosky, director SPECIAL JURY AWARDS 5cm, Jordan Schiele, director Children of the Peacock, Travis Andrade, director For the Birds, Tara Atashgah, director A Long Walk, Chinonye Chukwu, director THE TEXAS AWARD A Quiet Strength, Bobbie Baird, Hannah Caggiano, Deborah Hammond, Tommaso Spinelli, co-directors FESTIVAL-AWARDED PRIZES also went to the following official selection short works: Across Grace Alley, Ralph Macchio, director The Bakerman and the Bunnymen, Scout Raskin, director Dress, Henry Ian Cusick, director Looms, The Funk Brothers, directors Ni-Ni, Melissa Hickey, director Thursday, Milcho Manchevski, director Tobacco Burn, Justin Liberman, director      
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