The Reviews Are In For Annie Cusick Wood’s ‘Blue’

“Blue, A New Treat For the Wee Ones from Imagination Stage”

March 17, 2015 by

“Blue is new. It’s the newest production from Imagination Stage’s Early Childhood program. I’ve seen and enjoyed a number of them. Blue is my favorite.

Of all of the theatre I’ve seen (along with my two and a half year-old twins) that targets the youngest of theatre-goers, Blue is the piece that is the most verbal, the most linear in terms of narrative, the least interactive, and the longest (by a smidgeon).

In other words, it’s the one that you would expect to be the most satisfying for the companions of these youngest audience members. My kids are not able to do too much in the way of comparative evaluation, so I couldn’t ask them how it compared with their previous experiences. But they, and the rest of the target audience, were engaged throughout, and seemed to enjoy it thoroughly.”

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“Blue at Imagination Stage”

by on March 25, 2015

“Imagination Stage presents Blue, the newest production in their Early Childhood series, written by Annie Cusick Wood and directed by Kathryn Chase Bryer. Best for children ages 1-5, this interactive show is full of fun!

There is no elevated stage in this particular theater– children and their parents are invited to sit on the floor in a large semi-circle, and each child is given a playful prop to use during the show. Scenic Designer Ruthmarie Tenorio and Lighting Designer Zachary Gilbert work together to create a world where everything– the house, the garden, the cobblestone walls– are varying shades of blue. Most of the details here are in the overall set painting, and the calming tones mixed with cheery compositions by Timothy Guillot give the space a whimsical feel. Sound Designer Patrick Calhoun uses effects like chirping birds to complete the atmosphere. Overall, the creative team here did a fantastic job.”

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Below:  Imagination Stage Photos from Blue

Photo Credit: Lauren Alexander

Pale and Inky Blue discover the possibilities of all of the colors of the rainbow. (Jack Novak, Phillip Reid)


 After much hesitation, Pale Blue comes around to the idea of accepting every color of the rainbow. (Jack Novak, Phillip Reid)


 Inky Blue prepares for yet another day of planting. (Phillip Reid)


 What will happen when Inky Blue discovers a red flower in a blue world? (Phillip Reid)




Highly Recommended
March 12 – April 12
Imagination Stage
4908 Auburn Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814
Approximately 1 hour
Tuesdays thru Sundays
Tickets: $12




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